Barcharts Aromatherapy Reference Guide

Barcharts Aromatherapy Reference Guide


The BarCharts Aromatherapy guide is great for beginners as a tool for anyone who is interested in using aromatherapy for a holistic approach to better health in life, holistic health practitioners as reference for those you are treating with aromatherapy, and in health markets to sell to promote aromatherapy, your store and the essential oils you carry. Essential oils can be powerfully therapeutic when used correctly and have a wide variety of uses and with the six page laminated Aromatherapy reference guide, you can learn how to buy quality oils, store them, dilute and use oils safely to be healthier and happier.

Topics covered:

  • What is aromatherapy
  • What Are Essential Oils
  • Hydrosols
  • Safety Considerations
  • How Essential Oils Enter the Body
  • Using Essential Oils, Carrier & Infused Oils
  • Dilution Table for Topical Solutions
  • Essential Oils:
    • Name
    • Common & Botanical
    • Also Called
    • Actions
    • Expected Effect of Use
    • Uses
    • Symptom or Ailment (Physical or Psychological)
    • Emotional Attributes
    • Cautions & Comments
  • Glossary of Actions & Uses
  • Therapeutic Index of Traditional Use
  • Common Use Examples

Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
Publication date: December 31st, 2015