Anywear Zone Unisex Clog

Anywear Zone Unisex Clog


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If you need a lightweight nursing shoe that is also slip resistant than look no further than the Zone Clog from Anywear. The black chrome print is a great print that add a unique touch to your scrub uniforms. Check out this great slip resistant shoe from Anywear.

  • Extremely Lightweight and Flexible DBL Upper
  • Removable Sock Liner with Heat Relief Ventilation Holes
  • Lightweight DBL material Mid Outsole for Better Wear and Cushioning
  • Heel Height 1 ½”


*Disclaimer: WARNING! Always use caution when walking on surfaces that may be wet or slippery. This “Skid Resistant” product has been designed to increase traction and reduce skidding on many surfaces during normal use. However, since conditions and usage vary widely, skidding or slippage may still be experienced. Rockers Footwear and its parent Strategic Distribution, LP warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, but disclaims all other warranties, express and implied. Further, Rockers Footwear and its parent Strategic Distribution, LP expressly disclaims liability for any injury or damage resulting from slips or falls while wearing this product, except the extent that such injury or damage is directly attributed to a (more...)