Lydia's Green Efforts

At Lydia’s Uniforms we realize the importance of being an environmentally conscious company; we take several steps in order to achieve our environmental goals and we understand that each step we take is a step in the right direction. We also realize that these steps are important to you, the customer. We want you to have an understanding of our environmental efforts in order to give you confidence in the company that you do business with. The following information is a brief summary of the routine actions taken by Lydia’s Uniforms in an effort to minimize our impact on the environment.


The shipments that we receive and send out in cardboard packaging are made from recycled cardboard. As you can imagine, we receive numerous shipments and therefore are left with large amounts of cardboard boxes. These boxes are first reused for overflow inventory. What’s left we use to pack your order! Although the package you receive may not have the Lydia’s logo on the box, the products inside are the same high quality items you know and expect from Lydia’s Uniforms.


In our warehouse, much of our inventory is moved and stored on wood pallets. Instead of purchasing new pallets, the original pallets are consistently reused. When there is an excess of pallets or a reason that they can no longer be used, the pallets are brought to a company where they are resold or recycled for new uses.

Returned Merchandise

Each month Lydia’s receives returned items from customers. The majority of these items are still in perfect condition and are resold. A small percentage of these items have small flaws and cannot be resold. Lydia’s takes the necessary steps to ensure that these medical uniforms are not wasted. The majority of these pieces are donated to charities and organizations that work internationally providing healthcare. These scrubs and hospital uniforms provide individuals with work wear that would otherwise be difficult to afford. At the end of each year, items that have not been sold or donated are available for Lydia’s employees.


Lydia’s equipment for shelving, storage, etc. is bought previously used. When Lydia’s Uniforms is finished with its equipment, whether it’s a shelving unit or electronic equipment (computers, phones copiers, etc.) it is resold, traded in or recycled. In addition to these regular actions, Lydia’s is also conscious about conserving energy and recycling other materials besides cardboard. And don’t forget, we encourage our customers to recycle their Lydia ’s catalogs and to shop our online catalog as an alternative to the paper version.