What’s New? Scrubs Made from Bamboo!

June 19, 2015

Today I want to tell you about some of my favorite new styles from the fall collection of scrub uniforms. It was hard to choose what to talk about with so many new designer medical scrubs available. After some thought, I decided on a few one-of-a-kind new looks from Iguana Med. Everyone in the office, including me, seems to love these new pieces. A few weeks ago they were on a clothing rack of scrubs near my desk; everyone who walked by took notice of them. I think the combination of their soft feel and unique yet traditional styling made them stand out among all the scrub uniforms.

What makes these medical scrubs unique is that they’re all made partially from bamboo. I remember hearing about bamboo clothing awhile ago, but before these medical clothing uniforms arrived at Lydia’s Uniforms I had never actually seen any articles Iguana Med Scrubsthat were made from it. I’m glad I finally did because I absolutely love it.

So you might be wondering why bamboo for medical scrubs? Well, some research informed me that in addition to its soft feeling and high quality there are many reasons that bamboo fabric is an awesome new alternative. Some of my favorite reasons are: it requires a relatively low amount of energy and water to grow, it can be grown without pesticides and it is sustainable to harvest because of its fast growth. Sounds good to me!

These scrubs are really similar to many of the cotton surgical scrubs that we carry, but the mixture of bamboo and cotton gives them a different feel. The medical uniforms have a very high end look, but they’re also soft and lightweight which makes them seem extremely comfortable. I also appreciate the crew neck on this scrub top. It’s a bit different from the v-neck that many scrub uniforms have, but still has the look of traditional and professional scrubs.

Iguana Med also offers these two tees. They’re great because in addition to being super soft they’re also slightly stretchy and breathable. If I happen to purchase Iguana Med Scrubsnew workout wear anytime soon, and I just might have to, this short sleeve top will definitely be on my list of must-haves. Either top would probably work great under your favorite cotton surgical scrubs or by itself with a pair of scrub pants.

So if you happen to try out these new medical scrubs, leave a comment and let everyone know what you think! How do they compare to your other designer medical scrubs? And if I end up purchasing one of the shirts I’ll be sure to tell you how they hold up during a tiresome workout.

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