Tokidoki Summer Prints

April 19, 2017

Two of the hottest things trending on social media and all over the internet right now are mermaids and unicorns.  The  legend of the mermaid – half woman, half fish – dates back to 1000 B.C. and although mermaids are presented as beautiful women with fish tails and long hair, the most common cause of sightings were manatees, due to their mermaid-like appearance when viewing them from far away.  Some powers that mermaids have are immortality, seeing the future, telepathy, and hypnosis.  And, did you know that mermaids are female, while the merman is male?  Mermen are supposedly more shy and secretive and in almost all folklore never come to the ocean surface

Unicorns have a long history as well, dating as far back as 15,000 B.C.  Unicorns are often depicted as a white horse-like creature with a long horn protruding from its head that were seen as a symbol of purity and grace, and sometimes having powers to heal the sick.  Greek writers believed they were real creatures and included unicorns in accounts of natural history rather than mythology.  While no proof exists that they are actually real, there is a real creature out there that resembles a unicorn thanks to its tusk that looks like a unicorn horn – the Narwhal.
One of our most popular scrub brands, Tokidoki by Koi Scrubs has managed to combine these mythical creatures  into one awesome character – Mermicorno!  This magical hybrid is available for you just in time for summer on two different scrub tops.  Choose the more toned down Looking For Shells scrub top, which features a solid Mint body with a printed trim on the sleeves and Mermicorno and friends on the left chest.  If you’re feeling more bold, check out the Mermicorno Wave Tokidoki scrub top which is a full-on print covered in the adorable creature in all different colors and sizes.  This scrub top coordinates perfectly with Koi scrub pants such as the best-seller Lindsey or Morgan in Mint, French Lilac, Grape, or Black.

Loving the Tokidoki print scrubs and looking for more?  Lydia’s Uniforms has you covered!  In addition to Mermicorno, we also have the Tokidoki character Kaiju available on the ever popular Ashley scrub top and also a lanyard in the Tokidoki Party print with a Kaiju charm.

Medical accessories in the Tokidoki print give you the opportunity to show your fun side but without it taking over your whole scrubs uniform.  To help you achieve this, Lydia’s Uniforms has multiple options to choose from.  You can go as small as one of the character ID badge reels we have available – including the BRAND NEW Unicorno – or as big as one of the essential nursing bags in either the classic utility style or the new all-purpose medical backpack style.  Don’t forget to check out the nursing shoes from Koi by Sanita, ankle socks, surgical scrub caps, and other medical accessories all in the one-of-a-kind Tokidoki prints.

Click here to check out our whole collection of Tokidoki by Koi Scrubs – you won’t be disappointed!

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