The Best Thing that’s happened to Catalog Shopping since Colored Printers

June 10, 2015

Call me old fashioned, but I love shopping from a catalog! I enjoy flipping through the pages seeing the outfits stylists put together. Another great bonus to catalog shopping is seeing what’s new and trendy. Lydia's Uniform's catalogs are sent out on a regular basis with the newest styles and hottest trends available, which makes shopping a breeze and a lot more fun!

There are a couple things I dislike about shopping from a catalog, one of which is trying to find the right item number to match the item I am looking at. Then I call in or get online to find out I had the wrong item or that this one did not come in the color I wanted. My other dislike is the payment option. I don’t really like giving out my credit card number over the phone nor do I like sending a check in the mail and having to wait for it to clear before my order is processed. However all of these become obsolete when using Lydia’s Browse by Catalog!

Not only can you view the most current catalog the day it comes out, you can also order straight from the catalog with ease. This eliminates the time you spend trying to find the item number then typing it in the search or writing it down. You can actually click the item you wish to purchase and a small screen will pop up with all of the product descriptions. From there you can add the item right to your cart!

Lydia’s also gives you the option to search the catalog by keyword, share via email, download as a pdf document or print the entire catalog, or select pages, directly from your browser. This eliminates the wait to receive the catalog in the mail and allows you to flip freely through the pages. Once you print the catalog and find the items you’re interested in, you can come back to the Browse by Catalog tool and flip directly to the page number then item you wish to purchase.

The Browse by Catalog also gives you the freedom of several payment options. You can pay with a credit/debit card using our secure checkout page or use Bill Me Later® and enjoy paying on your order at a later time. No waiting required!

This is just my opinion and a few of the reasons I love shopping catalogs online. Check it out here: Browse by Catalog

Browse by Catalog for your Medical Uniform!


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