Scrubs You Can Afford

June 10, 2015

I know all about how shopping for work clothes can be pricey. Even when shopping the sale racks, the cost of pants, tops and jackets can add up quickly. My personal problem with shopping (besides that I love doing it) is that I tend to find a good deal and save money on one item, but then spend that same money I saved on a pair of overpriced shoes or pants. In the end I usually spend more than I want, despite the deals. 

If you have the same problem when you buy medical uniforms I want to help. I might not be the best at saving money on my own work apparel, but I’m confident in my ability to find good deals at Lydia’s. What kind of employee would I be if I couldn’t?

So for today, my mission was to find you three affordable women’s uniforms, including tops and bottoms, that won’t break your bank. I tried to find one look under $15, one under $25 and one under $30. I think I was successful in finding diverse and affordable women’s uniforms, so here they are:


The look on the left consists of a V-Neck Unisex Scrub Top ($5.99) and a pair of Drawstring Pants ($6.99) in Wine. Both are Lydia’s Red Tag Scrubs.
The total cost of this look is $12.98.

The look in the middle consists of a White Contrast Wrap Scrub Top by Dickies ($11.99) and a pair of Ceil Blue Value Plus Reversible Scrub Pants by Lydia’s ($9.99).
The total cost of this look is $21.98.

The last look consists of a Heavenly Blue Embroidered V-Neck Scrub Top by White Cross ($17.99) and a pair of Navy Everyday Pull on Pants by Dickies ($11.99).
The total cost of this look is $29.98.

I also found this Ladies’Navy Crew Neck Warm-Up Jacket which works as an addition to all of these looks and is only $14.99.

So next time you buy medical uniforms, consider one of these looks to keep you under budget. And if you have any tips about how you save money when you buy medical scrubs at Lydia’s be sure to leave a comment and share them. 

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