New Balance Scrubs are New at Lydia’s!

June 18, 2015

New Balance Scrubs recently came in stock here at Lydia’s and so far I absolutely LOVE them! In addition to how sporty and stylish these uniforms are they also boast a number of functional qualities: an anti-wrinkle finish keeps you looking your absolute best hour after hour (especially good for those 12 hour shifts!); moisture wicking technology keeps you dry, even when you’re running like crazy; and a little bit of stretch provides a whole lot of comfort.

I’m a personal fan of New Balance and own a few pair of their shoes (love the quality and comfort!) so I was very excited to see that we now carry this brand here at Lydia’s. I can’t wait to hear your opinion of them. Do you like the athletic look that they have? How’s the fit? Make sure to stop by our site and leave a review if you’ve tried these new nursing scrubs.

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