Lab Coats for Every Style

June 17, 2015

Whether you like to finish off your medical uniform with a traditional, white lab coat or you prefer medical coats that are a bit different from the norm, I bet that Lydia’s has something that suits your personal taste. I browsed our selection of lab coats to bring you my recommendations for white, colorful, zip-up and trendy additions to your work wardrobe.

Want to go the traditional route? Try one of these two style coats; both have a crisp, professional look that would work with any medical scrubs. The left is a Barco Medical Uniforms lab coat, which received great customer reviews. And on the right is an embroidered four pocket lab coat that’s slightly shorter in length than the first one and also has a collar.

Prefer some color? Try one of these three lab coats that are everything but traditional white. On the left is an Urbane Scrubs short jacket in Pearl Pink; it also comes in 7 other colors (talk about variety!). In the middle is an L.A. Rose Contrast Stitch lab coat in Black. And on the left is a Unisex lab coat in blue.

Or are you looking for that stylish piece to complete your medical uniform? Try one of these two pieces that are unique and fashionable while still getting the job done. On the left is a zip-up lab coat by Urbane. And on the right is a Peaches MedCouture Women’s Lab Coat.

So what’s your favorite lab coat look, traditional or trend setting? Browse our whole collection and don’t forget to write reviews of your personal faves.

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