Embroider Your Scrubs for a Fun, Personalized Look!

November 02, 2017

Embroidery adds a unique and friendly look to any uniform, and we’re making it easier than ever to personalize your scrubs with colorful names, initials and stock logos. You pick it, we’ll stitch it — and here’s how!

Benefits of Embroidering Your Scrubs

Embroidery may seem purely aesthetic on the surface, but there are some serious advantages to getting your name and credentials stitched onto your scrubs.

  • You’ll make patient interactions easier by having your name and title front and center.
  • You’ll promote your healthcare facility if you add your company’s name or logo to your scrubs.
  • You’ll get to personalize your scrubs with monograms and colorful stock logos as you wish.
  • You’ll eliminate the need for wearing a name tag.
  • You’ll instantly look more professional.
  • Decorative embroidery (like stitched necklines) can even draw the eye up and away from problem areas for a slimming effect.

Embroidering Considerations 

  1. Double-check your facility’s dress code. Some workplaces are okay with their employees wearing embroidered scrubs, while others have stricter policies set in place. Check to make sure you can wear an embroidered style before finding out the hard way.

    2. Use contrasting colors. You want your name and credentials to be easy to see, so choose a thread color that contrasts with the scrub top or jacket you’re having embroidered. Go for light stitching on dark scrubs (and vice-versa).

    3. Consider a logo. You can either use your facility’s logo or opt for a stock logo instead.


  1. Save money with group orders. We offer exclusive discounts when you buy in bulk, so get your facility to place an order with us to save more!

Lydia’s Custom Embroidery Options

 Here at Lydia’s, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of embroidery options to our customers. Many of our scrub tops and jackets can be personalized to suit your styling preferences and professional needs.

Just select the “Personalize” option on the item of your choosing, and decide where you’d like to add your embroidery (on your right or left sleeve or your right or left chest).

Next, fill in the lines with the information you’d like to feature. Common options include the following:

  1. Name
  2. Credentials
  3. Facility
  4. Company slogan
  5. Company logo


Add up to three lines per location and/or select one of our stock logos to give your uniform extra color and personality.

You can also select your preferred font style, from Full Block lettering, to Good Times, Open Block, Roman and Script fonts instead. Finally, choose from 28 unique thread colors to complete your embroidery with the hue for you.

The best part? Embroidering your scrubs is affordable! Here’s our simple cost breakdown:

First Line: $4.99
Each Additional Line: Add $2.49
Stock Logos: $5.99

Our customization logo service includes free setup on orders over $299 (a $95 value), plus a free consultation to enhance your brand. Even better, you’ll get a free sample of your logo for approval along with easy reordering and personalization.

Add one of our colorful stock logos to your scrubs, and choose from specialty dental, eye care, radiology and veterinary logos to miscellaneous medical and nursing styles or  monograms.

Already have a logo? Email us today, and we’ll help you with your order! We offer personalized service to enhance your image, and you’ll score instant savings when you shop with your group. Our huge selection makes it easy to accommodate any dress code, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Custom embroidery is a wonderful way to customize your work uniform with your name and credentials. Shop our complete collection of scrub tops and jackets today, and give your favorite styles a personalized finishing touch.

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