Designer Style to Scrub Style

June 18, 2015

Last month I showcased bold, daring prints in my designer style to scrub style post. This month, I chose simple solids in flattering mock wrap styles. The mock wrap style is perfect for designer styles and scrub styles because it’s so versatile. Even without adding a print, this style top can take on a variety of looks. Check out the designer styles and scrub styles below to see what I mean.

Designer Style: PO Top Scrub Style: Cherokee Scrubs Top

These two mock wrap tops utilize a rich color that’s perfect for fall- especially when you start to lose that summer tan! Even though both tops are very plain, the simple style works well with the deep color. And you’ll be happy to know that this affordable nursing scrubs top won’t break your bank, but unfortunately the designer style might.

Designer Style: Aqua Top Scrub Style: Koi Scrubs Top

Each of these black mock wrap tops add a touch of ruffle to the trim, which creates a nice balance with the dark color. The medical uniform top is also super lightweight so you can be stylish and comfortable.

Designer Style: Jones New York Top Scrub Style: Urbane Scrubs Top

These tops have a totally different feel from the rest. They perfectly combine a fitted shape, adjustable waists and crisp collars for a classy, professional look.

So what are your thoughts on wrap tops? Have you found an awesome style that fits your figure best or do you prefer the more traditional medical uniform styles? Tell me what you think!

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