Caring For Your Nursing Shoes

June 18, 2015

While shoes aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when people think about their nurses, shoes still remain a hugely important aspect of your workwear! When you spend more than 8 hours on your feet caring for patients all day, you will be very happy that you chose a correct, quality shoe to keep you going. But with all of the wear and tear that our shoes go through, how can we keep them in tip-top shape? Many fall victim to poor shoe care methods and even wear their shoes out faster in an attempt to care for them. With a quality pair of shoes costing a pretty penny, (worth it, but it’s hard to ignore a lighter wallet) why would you NOT want to extend the life of your kicks?! Not only will you look better, but you will also feel better. Shoes that maintain their higher quality will help alleviate the pains of a long day of running around the hospital.
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We have some awesome tips to help you keep your shoes in top form for longer! Here are the top 5 tips for keeping your shoes at their best, so that you can do the same:

#1: Clean Your Shoes

Don’t throw your shoes in the washing machine. This will just wear them out even further. Yes they will be clean when they come out, but at what expense? Your shoes get tossed around all day, the last thing they deserve is to be tossed around some more in the washing machine. Hand wash and polish your shoes. Not only will this help to keep dirt off of them, but it will also maintain the quality of the materials and fabrics they are made of.

#2: Waterproof Spray

One of the biggest hazards in the life of a shoe is water. Water is not only uncomfortable for the wearer; it is also uncomfortable for the shoe. Water can contribute to shoe odor, and warp and discolor the materials. Waterproof your shoes with a waterproof spray. This will not only help your shoe, but it will also help you. Because nobody likes squishy socks.

#3: Clean the inside

Shoes that look good on the outside are still ugly if they have no soul (sorry I had to do it). Seriously though, clean the inside of your shoes. It will help you alleviate any odor that may be lingering, and it will help your shoes maintain form. Letting your shoes dry out before putting them away is another small tip that will help you extend the life of your shoes.

#4: Use an Insert

Shoe inserts are not only good for you, preventing strains and other stress related injuries to the feet and lower leg, they are also good for your shoes. Inserts help keep wear and tear at bay (at least for a little while).

#5: Water and Vinegar

If you live in a place where you deal with snow regularly, you know the struggles of salt stains on your shoes (and everything else for that matter). A solution of water and white vinegar will get those nasty salt stains right out of your shoes if you apply it soon enough. Salt is bound to get into the hospital in the Winter, and when it does, your shoes will suffer. But they don’t have to, and if you are following tip #1 and #3, then this should be an easy tip to implement.
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