Cherokee Legwear True Support Pantyhose

Cherokee Legwear True Support Pantyhose


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Only true gradient compression pantyhose can give your legs the therapeutic and invigorating support that makes the toughest day on the job feel like a walk in the park.

These high-quality, durable, technically-advanced hose comfortably "hugs" your legs in two directions with an increased support to the lower leg. This reinforcement absorbs the pressure that builds up in your legs and leg veins during a day spent on your feet. This pressure, which could otherwise cause varicose veins, spider veins, and fatigue is gently counteracted, leaving you with great looking and feeling legs.

  • Knitted belt for comfort without leaving an unsightly impression
  • Reinforced panty to firm up stomach and upper thighs
  • Relaxed buttock area for shaping without compressed look
  • 100% cotton gusset for comfort on the inside
  • Reinforced toe for long wear
  • Gradient compression: 5 mmHg at thigh, 7 mmHg at knee, and 12 mmHg at ankle
  • Fiber content: 81% polyamide (Nylon), 18% elasthan (Lycra), 1% cotton