Why a Yoga Style Scrub Pant Might Be for You

April 05, 2018

Whether you practice yoga or not, chances are you love wearing yoga pants around the house, to run errands or even to meet up with a friend for a lunch or coffee date. If that’s you and you’re a nurse or other healthcare practitioner who wears scrubs for work, we bet you’d be excited to wear scrubs that feel a bit like your favorite yoga pants on the job.

With yoga style scrub pants, you can! If you haven’t checked out this type of scrub pant yet, read more about them below – they might just be the perfect style of scrubs for you.

Yoga Style Scrub Pants Vs. Traditional Scrub Pants

Yoga style scrub pants look similar to traditional ones, but have two key features that make them distinct:

  • The waist: Yoga style scrub pants have rib-trim waists, whereas traditional scrub pants typically have a drawstring or elastic waist. The rib-trim waists on yoga style scrubs allow you to wear the waist rolled or unrolled, whichever option you prefer. It’s a great alternative to elastic and offers a smoother and more professional look.

Rib-trim waists are also easy to pull on and provide peace of mind to medical professionals wearing them, knowing their backsides will be covered whenever they bend to perform a task.

  • The feel:Yoga style scrub pants feel like yoga pants,look like yoga pants and stretch just like them, making them extremely comfortable to wear and easy to move around in all day.

Benefits of Yoga Style Scrub Pants

Yoga style scrub pants offer numerous benefits. For one, they’re available in different designs, giving you a variety of options to choose from. Although they were originally only available for women, in petite sizes and with elastic waists, they’ve come a long way and now come in different sizes, including plus sizes, and are also available for men.

Other fabulous benefits yoga style scrub pants provide include:

  • They provide amazing comfort and are extremely functional. They’re made with fabric blends that move and stretch with you, making it easy to move around and perform your tasks.
  • They’re stylish, while still being professional looking.
  • They’re highly durable and last a long time. When you get a pair (or a few pairs!) you love, you’ll be happy to know you’ll get plenty of use out of them.
  • They’re easy to care for and will retain their look and fit even after many, many washes.
  • They’re available in several great colors. While you’ll certainly find the more traditional black, if you like to have color in your workwear, you’ll find plenty of beautiful ones to choose from.

Yoga style pants also come with different features. For example, some have pockets, others don’t. The designs with pockets sometimes have pockets in both the front and the back, others have side pockets, just one cargo pocket or pockets only in the back.

While yoga pants with no pockets provide a smooth, chic look, those with pockets are much more practical for medical professionals. As with scrub tops and lab coats, pockets can be a game changer, conveniently allowing you to keep your most important work accessories on you at all times, making them readily accessible when you most need them.

Give Them a Try

With the wide array of yoga style scrub pants that are now available, they’re a great option for many people, regardless of your size and style preference. They offer everything you want and need in scrub pants, while providing extreme comfort and a more professionally fashionable look than other types of scrubs.

If you haven’t experienced wearing yoga style scrub pants before, they’re definitely worth checking out. Chances are you’ll love them!

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