We Love Yoga Pant Scrubs

September 13, 2016

Here’s Why Yoga Pant Scrubs Are the Best and Why EVERYONE Should Wear Them

If you are a doctor, nurse, student or a heroic healthcare worker, you probably already know about the pros of wearing scrub pants. The pockets! The comfort! Wash and Wear! But have you tried YOGA Scrub Pants?

I’m not a medical professional but I have an addiction to YOGA Scrub Pants. I even do yoga in them, imagine that! Thankfully working at Lydia’s helps feed the addiction and here’s why I think everyone should own a pair.

Med Couture

  • Yoga Scrub Pants are incredibly comfortable and functional. The Med Couture MC2 Yoga Scrub Pant has a knit waistband and includes double cargo pockets. The fabric is a Cotton/Polyester/Spandex blend so it moves and stretches with you. Plus, you don’t look like you’re wearing yoga pants!
  • You’ll Look Adorable. Wearing Yoga Scrub Pants make you look adorable and smart at the same time. Everyone knows nurses and other medical professionals are super smart and scrubs make them easy to spot. Maybe it’s the clean lines, but these Jockey Yoga Pants hug your waist and a side panel insert on the waistband add to a perfect side silhouette. It’s a great look for everyone!


  • Scrub yoga pants are super affordable and last forever. Compared to the major active wear manufacturers, scrub yoga pants are often 30% cheaper! Click here to see Lydia’s collection of Yoga-style scrubs, even clearance items!


  • The selection of colors in Yoga Scrub Pants is off the chart. Break out from the bland, boring world of black and discover Vivid Blue, Berry, Seaglass Pewter, Flamingo, French Lilac and an array of beautiful colors to spice up your wardrobe.


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