Unique Scrub Styles

June 18, 2015

Just over a week ago, we went to Cherry Street Health Services in Grand Rapids, MI to do a video shoot (so we can show you how your peers are wearing our scrubs each day). It was so much fun, and ended up being a great learning opportunity and not just a day out of the office. We actually got to meet some of the nurses, medical and dental assistants that are customers (and fans) of ours. After meeting them, I have to say that I’m a fan of theirs too! This group was the nicest bunch of people, and best of all, we had something in common- scrubs! Now, if you know me, you know that I am pretty excited about scrubs. However, my enthusiasm pales in comparison to the staff over at Cherry Street. The best part of my day was seeing what each person had on, and talking to them about how they add their own style to their scrubs.

Tauheedah had on the cutest jump suit. It was bright white and looked terrific on her. I’d never seen before how this kind of uniform could work, but she totally worked it! Try bright whites for a super-professional look. Try them in jumpsuit or dress styling to add a fashion edge, and make this traditional look a little more modern.

Sammy will be the first to tell you that he doesn’t have a ton of options when it comes to men’s scrubs. However, he uses color in a really great way to showcase his personal scrub style. During the shoot, he was wearing chocolate scrubs with a lime green tee underneath. The day before, he told me he wore mandarin orange with a yellow tee. Seeing how coordinated his colors was so exciting that I immediately made him go outside so I could get some pictures.

Wendy was wearing our green Urbane scrubs and they complemented her complexion really well. What was so great about them was that the fit was so good. You could really tell that she put as much thought into the fit of her scrubs as her street clothes.

Karry had on a really cute print top by White Cross. What I loved about seeing her scrubs in action was that prints can really show off personal style in a way that other uniforms can’t. Got a special interest, or feel drawn to a certain kind of color or season? Try a print! It’s the easiest way to invoke a little style in your work day.

Everyone I talked to said that one of the ways they related to their patients was through the scrubs they wore. Sammy said that he’d love to see more team logos and colors for men, in particular. They’re all experienced at putting their patients at ease, and each said that professional and fun looking scrubs make all the difference in the world. So tell me what your perspective is- how do you add your unique style to your scrubs?

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