Treat your Feet Right

June 18, 2015

Any job that requires long hours standing, walking and possibly running (depending on the day) requires a pair of good shoes. I’m willing to guess that nursing is one of those jobs, correct me if I’m wrong.

There’s nothing worse than having a bad day at work and the entire situation being intensified by an aching in your feet, legs and back. I know the feeling well. I’ve never been a nurse, but after spending six years as a waitress I can definitely say that I’ve been there. I’ve worn through more than one pair of cheap shoes. I eventually learned that investing in a pair of comfortable shoes that fit well was usually key in making long hours on my feet more bearable. If only I had surrendered to this idea right away waitressing might have been a touch more tolerable.

So I went looking through our shoe selection at Lydia’s to find the shoes that can provide comfort to you during long workdays (and match your scrubs). I found them! They are the Earth Solar Shoe, which have a feature called KALSO Negative Heel Technology. Personally, I think the name sounds a bit silly, but after owning my own pair of Earth shoes I can say that no matter what they call it, the shoes are comfortable! The negative heel technology shifts your entire body weight, which in turn takes some of the strain off your feet. It also promotes better breathing, better posture, stronger core muscles and tighter thighs. Those things sound great to me! In addition to the heel technology the shoes have gel cushioning and arch support. And in my opinion, they are actually pretty cute for a pair of work shoes.

What do you think of these work shoes? Do they meet your comfort needs of a nurse or do you have a different brand that’s a favorite? Let everyone know what shoes work for you!

If you already have a favorite brand check out our clearance selection of shoes because we might just have them on sale!

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