Selfie Motivation, Some of The Greatest Selfies of All Time

June 10, 2015

This week is Nurses Week! And we have some awesome things in store! But between the giveaways and sales and all that jazz, one of our favorites here at Lydia's is the selfie contest! We love seeing how creative everyone gets, and we love to see everyone rocking their scrubs! (Plus we also love giving out the final prize at the end of course).  So, in honor of the selfie contest, we have compiled some of our favorite selfies from around the world as a sort of……..motivational (some of them demotivational, but still funny) collection to get you started on your selfie journey! While some of these selfies are ridiculously dangerous, (that is our way of saying PLEASE DO NOT RECREATE THESE)they are incredibly entertaining, and hopefully they inspire you as much as they inspire us! Except the guy on the tricycle…….don't do that…… will see what we mean.


Where do you even go for something like this to happen!?!?


At least the shark is smiling. Which means he's happy! Which means he probably just found a free meal. Nevermind. This is terrifying no matter how you spin it.


Again, we recommend not recreating any of these selfies for our contest. Mostly because a volcano would damage your scrubs!


This selfie is equal parts terrifying, equal parts amazing!

Roller Coaster

If you fail: you lose your phone. If you succeed: You get an amazing selfie like this one!

Baby Selfie

Babies have to take selfies too!


Not only does this guy have some AWESOME pokemon stuffed animals, but apparently he also sleeps standing up!


This warrants a huge NO on so many levels. From the land of NOPE.

Human Dog

Creepy and cute at the same time, but also creative. We are conflicted on how to feel about this one.


Up until this point, the warnings to not recreate these have been serious. But now they are SUPER SERIOUS. Why would you ever want to do this?! Oh yeah, for the awesome selfie results….


Some people have their priorities just a little bit backwards. This guy is one of those people.

Daredevil 2

How…………how do you even get up there?! And why do you even get up there?!


If you have the means to get into space and take a selfie, then you deserve our first place prize. And we would also like to shake your hand.


Unfortunately for this fellow, he picked the most bloodthirsty squirrel in the forest to take a selfie with.


Who, What, When, Where, and Why are notenough to give us the information we need to understand what's going on here.

Marky Mark

"Don't you guys just hate it when you are trying to take a selfie and Marky Mark photobombs you?" – Said Nobody Ever


So get out there and selfie away! Like us on Facebook to keep up with our contests and giveaways, and submit your best selfies to our wall by 5/12/15 to have a chance to win our top prize! Good luck!

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