Profile of a Healthcare Professional

June 10, 2015

Tracy is a Certified Medical Assistant who works full time in a Family Practice Office. For today’s post, Tracy took the time to answer a few questions about her profession. Here’s what she had to say:

What factors led to your decision to work in the field of healthcare?
I was employed at the corporate office of a chain department store and they filed bankruptcy and closed.  This was the 3rd job I had in the retail field that ended the same way; I decided that I wanted a more secure future and went back to school while I collected unemployment.   

What made you choose the specific position that you’re currently in?  

I had been working for an Internal Medicine office with doctors that I loved. Unfortunately, I was driving almost an hour one way and working some nights as late as 9pm.  My current position became available and is half the distance with regular hours 8-4:30.

What type of education or training is required for this job?
I went to a community college and received my Associates Degree in Applied Science-Medical Assistant.  This particular position asked for a medical assistant with previous experience in family practice or internal medicine.  

Describe a typical day at work.
There are 2 doctors in my office.  The doctor that I primarily work for sees 35-40 patients per day.  We draw blood on 50% or more of the patients we see.  I do numerous EKGs, PFTs, urinalysis, CBCs, HBA1C per day. I also schedule my patients for any tests or consultations they need outside of the office.  We also have on site x-ray, mammogram, and bone density to offer plenty of convenience for our patients.

When you first started this job, was it what you expected or were there challenges or surprises that you didn’t foresee?  

It seems like everyone says they have a busy office, so I didn’t expect this to be as busy as it is.  I am constantly on the move from the time I punch in, to the time I punch out.

What do you enjoy about your job and what’s one thing that you would change about it if you could?
I think everyone who is a nurse would answer this the same way~ I like helping people.  I like the satisfaction of being able to help someone feel better when they are ill.  Plus, in this poor economic time, it is nice having a secure job and being in a professional work field that is always growing.  

I am not sure I would change anything, unless it would be to have affordable healthcare available for everyone.

Do you get to wear scrubs to work on a daily basis? If so, which are your favorite and why?
It is mandatory that I wear scrubs everyday.  I love to wear bright colors with fun prints.  Of course I try to match the season.  It is great to know that what I wear helps to brighten patient’s day!  They are always commenting on what we wear in a positive way.

Based on your experience so far, what advice or suggestions would you offer to others who are considering work in this field?  

The medical field is a great field to get into.  You are constantly learning and expanding your knowledge.  If you have that interest, go for it!  Remember that you are there for your patients and a friendly, helpful smile and gentle touch is the first step in their healing.

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