Practical Gifts for Nurses

June 18, 2015

This weekend, we put up our holiday tree. Each year, I love taking all the ornaments out of the boxes and thinking about all the memories associated with each one. This year, there was a particular ornament that seemed very special-it was a gift from my former supervisor at the library at Ball State University. She had given me a Christmas ornament. It was a young looking brunette nurse wearing green scrubs with a clipboard in her hand. On the left pocket of the scrub top, she had written my last name in very small letters, and on the clipboard, it read “Merry Christmas 2001.” She gave me this ornament as a gift for graduating nursing school, as I was a December grad. As I unwrapped more ornaments, I found even more nurse ornaments given to me by friends and family that I still treasure every year.

What other things make great gifts for nurses? Maybe you have co-workers or staff you are looking to buy for this season. Here are my suggestions:

Unscented, but very moisturizing hand soap. Nurses wash their hands what seems like hundreds of times a day, and in the winter, their skin gets very dried out. What has worked for me are hand creams that contain hemp as an ingredient, it really seems to be the only thing to soften my hands and protect them.
I have said how much I love these before, but a nice pair or two or support socks. Lydia’s stocks the Nurse Mates compression stockings. I just bought myself two pairs on Cyber Monday and I just took them off after wearing them all day long. I wanted to even wear them to bed, but I decided to let my feet be free for a while.
An extra pair of hemostats. There are so many times during they workday when I wish I had my own set. Whether it’s to untwist some tight IV tubing or something else, they really come in handy and are sometimes hard to come by.
A nice flashlight. Again, another tool that is hard to come by on the nursing unit but it is very handy. Especially when anchoring indwelling catheters or working night shift. Maybe splurge and get a metal one that can be engraved, so someone else doesn’t run off with it.
Massage gift certificates. Nurses are on their feet anywhere from 8-16 hours a day. When we come home, we’re sore. And let’s face it, nurses deserve it.

So sure, this is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully it will get you started. Do you have any great suggestions? Feel free to post, or post about the most thoughtful nurse gift you’ve ever received.

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