Personalize Your Style

June 10, 2015

Whenever I go in for a check up I notice the names of the doctors and nurses embroidered on their lab coats. It really adds a nice personal touch to their look (and it helps me remember their names!) I’ve also noticed that a few of the nurses have logos embroidered on their coats and I think it defintely enhances the style and personality of any medical uniform.  


Lydia’s offers all sorts of embroidery options from different logos to a variety of text styles. I talked to Melissa in our customer service department to see if there were any common customer questions regarding embroidery and she talked me through some of them. So if you’re thinking about getting embroidery on your medical clothing uniforms or stylish medical scrubs, this is what you need to know:


· Lydia’s offers a variety of logos, thread colors and fonts. To view these go to the item that you would like embroidery and click the add embroidery box. After checking this box you can view the thread, lettering and logo options by clicking on the, “More Details,” links. Choose the options you like best and don’t forget:light thread colors work best on dark fabrics and dark threads on light fabrics. These are some of my favorite logos.


· There are a few different fonts available; the ladies from the embroidery department gave me these suggestions on fonts. Good Times is a fun font, Roman Script and Gothic Script are popular professional business looks. Oriental Script is the only style that is all caps by default, but Open Block and Full Block are also available in all caps by request. My favorite style is Roman Script!


· If you decide to have a logo and name on the same side of your top, the logo will go on top by default.


· The size of embroidery starts at ¾ inches tall, but depends on the style and garment.


· There may be a limit on the amount of characters to be embroidered because they have to fit inside the loop of the embroidery machine. 


· Lydia’s also offers custom embroidery. This has to be done over the phone so we can ensure that everything is just how you want it. If you’re all  ready to order a custom logo for your medical clothing uniforms or if you just want a pricing quote for a logo on your hospital scrubs, this is the number to call:1.800.293.7721


· Our embroidery department works really hard to ensure that all orders come out exactly how you want them. Check out these pics that Rachel got from the embroidery department. This is where it all happens!


If there are any more questions about embroidery feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Or of course you can always call our customer service department at 1.800.293.7721 and they’ll have answers to all your questions.

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