Our Favorites for Fall!

June 17, 2015

Here at Lydia’s we’ve been as busy as ever getting all our new fall products online and available for you! As we work, we’ve been checking out the latest looks and styles and, of course, talking about which products are our favorites. Here are the top picks from myself and my co-workers in the Web Department.

Amanda: My favorite new styles are the Dansko shoes – there are lots of fun colors and designs in the Professional Clog, and the Savanna shoes are really cute and vintage-y.

Melissa: My favorite new line is ScrubNuts. I am a huge fan/supporter of non-profits and the profits of ScrubNuts go to the Gesundheit! Institute, a project founded by Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams. The Institute states it IS dedicated to bringing generosity and compassion to the health care industry. One of their continued missions involves the concept of “humanitarian clowning”. The project uses the theme of laughter as an integral element of effective doctoral care. So in line with that each ScrubNuts purchase includes a free clown nose!

Lindsey: My favorite new item for Fall is the Wink 4-Stretch Women’s Performance Lab Coat. I like how the style is more form fitting than most lab coats and has princess seaming for a flattering fit. Also the pocket with the ID loop is an added bonus to keep you organized!

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