Oh Baby

May 23, 2017

Maternity clothes…. I have such a love hate relationship with them. I know I need them but I don’t want to buy or shop for them. Anyone else?
I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and sooooo over shopping for maternity clothes. I know some of you can relate? I feel like I have tried on over 100 tops and countless bottoms during the last 7 months and maybe 5 items total actually looked and felt good on me and this was just casual wear. On top of the stress you feel finding “normal” clothes there is also the whole other part we have in finding something to wear to work every day :/.

Knowing I am not the only one out there having this problem I thought I would try and take a little pressure off of our nursing mamas to be and give you a personal review and real photos on a few of our Maternity Scrubs. Yes, this means no model and no fake belly; you’re going to see what an exhausted mom to be looks like in scrubs.

Thankfully maternity scrubs have come a long way in the past several years.  Less than a decade ago, the tops looked like over sized nightgowns and made from inferior fabrics. Thankfully things have changed and now there are several stylish and trendy choices for mothers to be including maternity scrub lines from some of your favorite brands including Cherokee, Wonderwink, Cherokee Workwear, Med Couture and Fundamentals.

Here are my top 3 picks.

  1. Wonderwink Maternity Stretch Scrub and Pants
    By far my FAVORITE maternity scrub set. I cannot begin to explain to you just how comfortable and stylish this line was. I loved the mock crossover style top, I am a larger gal and found that the top came up high enough to hide ‘the girls’ without causing the tightness along the neckline (which is hard to find). ­­­The adjustable drawstring waist and stretchy side panels gave me the extra option to adjust a larger top to fit me from start to finish. I tried on an XL top which is the same size I wear in regular maternity tops and it fit as expected. I had room to grow but it didn’t look oversized. One last feature I want to add, this top comes in a 29 ¼” length, I am 6ft tall with a long torso and this top still covered my entire belly, yay.
    Enough about the top, on to the pants. I absolutely loved that the Wonderwink line features a knit waist panel and not the typical spandex you usually find while shopping for maternity pants. Other great features are the cargo pockets, flare leg and the fact that hair doesn’t stick to the fabric. The only feature I wish I could have changed would be the pant inseam. I would love to see petite and tall sizes available.
  2. Cherokee Core Stretch Workwear Maternity Knit Panel Top and Pants CherokeeMaternity scrubs come highly recommended by expecting nurses and I can see why. The belly band on these scrub pants hit in just the right spot above my belly and the knit allowed for quite a bit of growth during the next few months. The matching core stretch top has a stylish v-neck feature with soft stretch side panels and pockets galore. I will warn you the sizes seem to run big, I am usually a XL and I wore a large with room to spare. Keep in mind we do have an easy return policy and exchanges ship free if you run into the same issue I had. I have the same wish list item for the Cherokee Line as well; I would love to see more inseam options available.
  3. Non Maternity
    If maternity scrubs aren’t your thing can always buy scrubs a size or two up to accommodate your pregnancy or purchase a button up scrub top or scrub jacket to go over a maternity undershirt. As for scrub bottoms, try and ride your usual scrub bottoms a bit lower and possibly a size larger. Buying big will leave some extra room in the waist and legs.
    I decided to try on a couple of our Tafford Print tops (you can purchase these on our sister site) and loved the extra room. The tops I have on are a 1x and I had plenty of room to wear these tops my entire pregnancy.

I also went with the ultra-comfortable and stretchy Healing Hands HH360 pants and top. I loved the look of the Healing Hands outfit my only suggestion would be to go up at least 1 size (which I did not do in my photo.

I hope you find this a little helpful and I would love to hear from other fellow preggos on what you look for in maternity scrubs.
Overall I found picking out scrubs much easier than picking out a dress for my baby shower but it’s definitely not on my favorite thing to do list.

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