Nursing in the News

June 10, 2015

Happy Friday everyone! Before we get to the news for today, I have a quick scrubs story to share with you. Last night I went to the movies (and finally saw The Dark Knight after weeks of hearing about it!). I arrived at the movie theatre and was Koi Harlow Scrub Topdriving through the parking lot trying to find a spot, as I did I noticed a woman and her child walking to their car and the woman was wearing uniform scrubs. Living a block away from a hospital I see people wearing scrubs everyday and don’t feel the need to share it with you, but this instance was noteworthy because she was wearing one of my favorite medical uniform tops: the Koi Harlow Top. I was excited to see an actual medical professional wearing this top because it confirmed for me that it looks just as good on a real medical professional as it does in our catalog! Luckily for this woman I was running late for the movie, otherwise she might have been bombarded with questions about her designer medical scrubs by a certain Lydia’s Uniforms‘ employee.

So do any of you have this medical uniform top by Koi? Do you love it or hate it? The woman I saw had it in steel/pink, but I think all of the color combos are really cute and versatile. The cocoa/sky combo in the picture above is probabaly my favorite.

And now, here’s the news from the week:

Healthcare Professionals in the News:

Health News:


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