Matching Your Socks With Your Scrubs

October 19, 2017

If you’re treating the socks you wear with your nursing uniform as nothing more than an afterthought, you may want to think again. Socks offer all kinds of benefits to keep you looking and feeling your best on the job — and they’re a great way to show off your personal sense of style. We’re taking a look at five types of socks for nurses and offering up some helpful tips on how to match them with your favorite scrubs.

5 Different Types of Nursing Socks

Compression socks: Compression socks are an absolute essential for healthcare professionals who spend hours upon hours on their feet. These accessories improve the circulation in your legs, reduce discomfort and pain, prevent swelling and even guard against varicose veins.

Calf compression sleeves: Just like traditional compression socks, calf compression sleeves keep your legs in top form throughout the most grueling shifts — but these footless designs stop at your ankle for more discreet wear.

Compression hosiery: Sheer compression knee highs and panythose are particulary versatile options, and they work with any dress code. Many of our knee highs and hosiery styles are made with graduated compression to protect your legs, and these fashionable semi-opaque knits go with any scrubs of your choosing. Full-length panythose are especially ideal for flattering your figure thanks to their slimming control tops.

No-show and low-cut ankle socks: No-show and low-cut ankle socks are perfect for everyday wear. Made with lightweight cotton and specifically designed to wick away moisture, these multi-taskers look great with sneakers or clogs.

Novelty socks: Getting a little bored with your go-to white crew socks? You can always brighten your work wardrobe with our range of colorful novelty socks. These fashion accessories range from classic prints to awareness designs and specialty-themed prints.

5 Nursing Socks Styling Tips

  1. Wear prints with solids (and vice versa).

If you’re going to wear a printed sock, be sure to wear it with neutral scrubs and basic nursing shoes. Likewise, wear solid socks with your most colorful clogs or awareness scrubs to keep things balanced. You want to look put-together on the job, and wearing too many prints and patterns together can ultimately look busy and distracting.

If you’re nervous about wearing bold prints, play it safe with classic styles like subtle polka dots, stripes and argyle.



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  1. Stock up on neutral hues for everyday wear.

You can never go wrong with a neutral sock in a solid hue. Keep things traditional with clean white designs, or try navy, gray and black to complement darker scrubs with ease.


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  1. Color-coordinate your socks with your accessories.

Love wearing pink, but hesitant to show up in an all-pink uniform? Just let your accessories do the talking instead. Coordinate a pair of bright socks with a matching ID holder, tote bag or colorful stethoscope. These little accents can make a big difference in your overall look while still coming across as perfectly professional.


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4. Pay attention to functional details.

Ideally, you’ll want a mix of lightweight, moisture-wicking cotton socks as well as thicker, heavier styles that will keep you warm and cozy in chilly temperatures. Look for socks that address your seasonal needs as well as your on-the-job comfort. Graduated compression promotes healthy blood flow in your legs, while non-restrictive bands keep socks in place with just the right amount of stretch. If you’re simply looking for compression benefits, you may prefer calf compression sleeves instead.


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  1. Base your sock color on your pants.

As a general rule of thumb, pay attention to the color of your scrub pants when selecting a coordinating pair of socks. It’s best to wear socks that are either a shade lighter or darker  than your pants.

If you’re looking for printed socks, choose a pair with a base shade that closely matches the color of your pants for the most cohesive presentation. Socks with multiple hues are perfect for maximum styling possibilities.


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How to match your socks with your scrubs? Share your styling tips with us in the comments section below!

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