Make Everyday, Earth Day!

June 18, 2015

Today is Earth Day 2012 – 42nd anniversary. I started thinking about what type of community service I would like to do; while I was thinking it dawned on me that I should not only be planning for Earth Day, but trying to come up with ways to help clean up our environment and be a bit “Greener” on a daily basis. Things like riding my bike or walking to grocery store, turning off the light when I leave a room, picking up garbage I find on the ground and a few more commonly used ideas came to mind right away. A while later I realized these are all great things for someone who has extra time on their hands; but at the moment is not me! I did a little research and came across a couple things that no matter how busy I am, I can do to help out and I thought I would share with you.

One fantastic idea is to use reusable tote bags instead of plastic bags when grocery shopping or carrying things for your workday. Lydia’s Uniforms has quite a few reusable totes including our Pink Rocks tote bag by Nurse Mates and for a more traditional tote we have our Essential Tote Bag that comes in 7 fabulous colors.

Another great idea is buying items made from recycled material. A prefect example of this would be our Tencel line by Landau, we carry two sets of scrub bottoms and the different scrub tops that are made with 45% recycled polyester. These items are not only great easy way to help our environment but they also feel like you’re wearing silk!

These are only two small ways I found that we can use to improve the amount of pollution we create on a daily basis without interrupting a busy schedule. I would love to hear more, so please feel free to leave me a comment!

Read about Lydia’s Uniforms green efforts here: Lydia’s Green Efforts

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

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