Love the Layers

June 18, 2015

For work, home or going out on the town, I love layers. I’m unsure as to whether this love of layers developed because I’m cold all the time (it seems my body is incapable of retaining heat) or it might just be part of my style. Most likely, it’s a combination of the two. Regardless of the reasons I love layers; it’s safe to say that at any given time, I’m wearing them (unless I’m shopping-trying on clothes is enough work as it is!).

So when it comes to scrub uniforms there are a few specific reasons why you can love layers.

1.) Warmth: Add a layer under or over your scrubs when you’re cold. Remove a layer from your medical uniform when you’re hot. You get the idea.
Left:Cardigan Scrub Jacket Right:Nu Dimension Stretch Tailored Scrub Jacket

2.) Style: When you can’t accessorize layers are the perfect way to add color and contrast to a look. Make your plain blue uniform scrubs pop with a red long sleeve tee underneath. Add a short sleeve tee in a complementary color under your hospital scrubs for a hint of color that peeks out at the neckline. Or add a plain long sleeve tee under a bold print to balance out your look.

3.) Versatile: Mix and match your layers for different looks. Layer your designer medical scrubs one day, but not the next for even more looks. Layers are a cheap way to expand your wardrobe without spending a ton of money (that must be another reason I love them!).

4.) Simple: Not in the mood for matching? Some of our scrubs do the work for you. There are mock layer tops from Katherine Heigl that look like layers but are really only one top! Or there are tops from Koi that come in sets that include a long sleeve tee and a matching scrub top for the price of one!

Sanctuary Mock Layered Scrub Top & Screen Print Mock Layered Scrub Top

Annie Combo Scrub Top & Harlow Scrub Top

So whether you’re looking for the best way to stay warm while still being stylish (like me), or you need a few new pairs of affordable nursing scrubs to freshen up your wardrobe, layers might just be the way to go this fall.

And if you happen to be in Michigan, like all of us here at Lydia’s, the time to start shopping for those layers is now because fall is on its way!

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