October 29, 2018

When it comes to uniform scrubs, certain hospitals and other medical facilities color code their employees. Others allow their employees to choose whatever colors or patterns they want to wear. And others find a happy medium between having some scrub policies and letting their employees have some choice in what they wear.

If you’re a healthcare professional who is able to choose which scrubs you wear to work, even if you have to adhere to certain company policies or restrictions, you’ll find our tips about how to choose the best scrub colors for you below to be beneficial.

Tips for Choosing Scrub Colors

While it can be fun to be able to choose scrubs in colors or patterns you really like, since there are so many choices out there, it can quickly become confusing and overwhelming.

The first tip to help you narrow down and choose scrubs are to select colors that are the most flattering for your skin tone and hair color. If there are colors you absolutely love that don’t necessarily suit your complexion, get scrub pants in that color and choose a coordinating top that better complements your skin (if you’re allowed to wear print, depending on the color pants you choose, a print top will be easier to match).

Once you’ve identified the best colors for you, look for scrubs that have those colors and have fun mixing and matching scrub sets using the suggestions in the next section.

Tips for Mixing and Matching Scrub Sets

1.      Mixing Print Scrubs with Solid Colors 

For the most seamless and well-coordinated look, you’ll want to make sure the color of the solid scrub pants is present in the print top and vice-versa. If there isn’t at least one color that is the same in both pieces, there’s a good chance the outfit, on a whole, will look unmatched and not result in a professional look.

2.      Mixing Different Styles 

When mixing different styles, you have to be very careful and strategic with your choices. For example, a loose-fitting scrub top looks best with a more relaxed style scrub pants, while more form fitting tops and bottoms pair well together.

This is because when loose tops are worn with snug pants – and vice-versa – it creates a disheveled appearance, resulting in an unprofessional look that’s also not flattering to the silhouette.  

Also, be sure to not to go overboard on stylish components. It’s best to limit any detailing to one part of the uniform and keep the other plain. For instance, if you choose a scrub top that has stylish trim or other details, it’s best to match it with solid, plain pants. 

3.      Mixing Different Colored Tops and Pants

If you want to mix plain colored tops with different colored plain pants, it’s recommended to go with one light color and one dark color. Two great combinations are a pale yellow top with navy pants and a dark purple top with light grey pants.

If you’re required to wear light colors on both the top and bottom, try to pair colors that complement each other, such as light orange and light blue.

Incorporate Color Psychology

If you want to go a bit deeper in choosing colors for your uniform, let some basic color psychology principles influence which colors you wear. 

Color psychology is the study of hues and is used as a determinant of human behavior. Color choices influence our perceptions and, while the impact will vary from individual to individual, below are the general descriptions of the emotions and moods associated with a few main colors.  

  • Red is typically seen as an emotionally intense color and to signify strength, danger, power, love, desire and passion. It’s often used for quick decision making and also increases respiration rate and blood pressure.
  • Orange symbolizes creativity, determination, encouragement and attraction and also stimulates mental activity.
  • Yellow is linked to intellect, joy, happiness and energy and is used to gain attention.
  • Green, nature’s color, is seen as harmonious, relaxing, healing and is used to promote growth and safety.  
  • Blue represents trust, confidence, loyalty and wisdom and is thought to increase productivity and promote cleanliness.

Now that you’re equipped with some great tips and have the added bonus of knowing some of the psychology behind certain colors, have fun choosing some new, colorful scrubs! Check out our amazing collection of high-quality scrubs from the top industry brands you know and trust.