How to Be Cute in Your Nursing Scrubs

August 23, 2017

You may not automatically associate your everyday scrubs with style, but that doesn’t mean nurses can’t look fashion-forward on the job. We’re helping you take the guesswork out of your medical uniform with some easy tips for looking super stylish in your scrubs.

1. Find the right fit.

When it comes to clothing, nothing makes a bigger impact than finding the proper fit for your body. One size simply doesn’t fit all, so take the time to shop for scrubs that flatter your proportions. Take your measurements, shop for clothing within your height range and go by each brand’s specific size chart rather than simply sticking with an arbitrary size.

You’ll also want to keep your proportions in mind when you’re stocking up on uniform separates. If you’re petite, make sure your scrubs are properly fitted to your body and not swallowing you up entirely. Slightly tuck your scrub top into drawstring pants to enhance your waistline, and keep your bottoms slim and not overly baggy.

V-neck scrub tees and tops are a universally flattering option, and scrub tees tend to be more fitted than traditional scrub tops. Dark scrubs automatically make you look leaner, while monochromatic scrubs visually lengthen and flatter your frame. Pear-shaped bodies look great in longer tops that skim the hips, while smocked and gathered scrub tops can add strategic volume to slender builds.

When you wear scrubs that fit your body well, you’ll instantly look and feel more confident and put-together.

2. Coordinate your look.

Simplify your style with versatile basics that make morning routines much easier to manage. When in doubt, stick to neutral scrubs in color palettes that flatter your skin tone. If you have a warm complexion, go for warm hues like cream, brown, olive or peach. Cooler complexions, on the other hand, look best in jewel tones and bright whites.

Earthy hues and classic shades of black and white are versatile options for busy nurses on the go, and they look chic and modern regardless of what’s currently on-trend. Even better, these solid staples pair well with printed designs for added color and personality whenever you please.

You can even create a signature look by sticking to a preferred color palette of your own. Whether you adore minimalist-approved black scrubs or love the way you look pink, stockpiling a similar hue can help your entire wardrobe work together more effectively.

Keep in mind that dark hues hide stains easier, so you may want to have a fair amount of scrub tops and bottoms in black, charcoal and navy.

3. Mix and match.

Prefer to dress outside the box? Mix and match your prints instead! These statement pieces are a fun way to add personality to your day-to-day look, and they can highlight your favorite hues as well as complement your medical specialty or general interests.

If you’re feeling particularly bold, mix two prints from the same color family for a more intricate head-to-toe look. Just remember to keep the prints balanced by pairing small prints with larger ones and vice-versa.

Whether you’re a polka-dot enthusiast or a crazy/cool cat lady, we have a wide variety of prints that are true to you.

4. Layer on the style.

Stay comfortable and stylish with the right scrub layers. From cozy warm-up jackets and cardigans to professional lab coats, these designs add warmth on demand while elevating your style.

Keep these styles in your tote bag so that you can slip them on whenever they’re needed. Layers work for every season and any thermostat setting, so you’ll stay comfortable year-round.

5. Focus on comfort.

Regardless of the clothes you wear, you just won’t look your best if you aren’t comfortable in your outfit. Invest in stretchy scrubs that move with your throughout your busiest shifts, and opt for soft fabrications that feel gentle against your skin.

Speaking of practicality, it’s always a good idea to choose machine-washable scrubs that are easy to care for and don’t require any extra fuss.

6. Accessorize.

The accessories you wear can instantly upgrade your look or pull an outfit together with ease. Coordinate your scrubs with practical and stylish compression socks, med sleeves, scrub caps and nursing shoes for a cohesive presentation that’s true to you.

Further accessorize for your everyday job duties with medical gear that shines a light on your personal sense of style. From colorful stethoscopes with charms to lanyards, ID holders, watches and tote bags, these finishing touches can make a huge impact on your overall look.

How do you look cute in your nursing scrubs? Share your styling tips and tricks in the comments section below.

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