Heat wave of hot savings and stay cool scrubs

June 18, 2015

This summer has had it’s share of heat waves and they’re not over yet. We want to make sure you are staying cool… while looking great!

Here are a few of my favs:

The B Green By L.a. Rose Short Sleeve Tee (with the perfect sleeve length) features an adorable butterfly print and is available in 4 stylish colors! PS. Have you see the low price… Hot weather – hot DEAL at $9.99! (limited sizes and quantities available so get yours today!)

Another great tee is the Cherokee Short Sleeve Knit Tee. It’s available in 12 colors so it’s a cool addition to any outfit!

Healing Hands is a line of scrubs that features some pretty charming prints in a lightweight material.

For nursing shoes I recommend the Anywear Points Shoe. This shoe is super lightweight and comfortable! Bonus: this nursing shoe has a Rocker sole that reduces knee and back stress.

Another option is to make your own heat with the amazing bright and adorable colors by Crayola Threads by Barco. They have such fun colors called Pink Sherbert, Raznatazz, Sunglow, Sunset Orange, Twilight and more!

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