August 29, 2018



Halloween is a fun holiday for kids and adults alike. If you’re a nurse that works in pediatrics or with kids in some capacity, whether in a hospital environment, a rehab facility or other medical office, Halloween can be an excellent time to bond with your patients and add more enjoyment to their day.

 6 Fun Halloween Ideas for Nurses to Try

 While you may be interested in bringing the Halloween spirit to work, you may be stumped for ideas beyond just filling a large bowl with candy for your patients. Not to worry, as you’ll find some inspiration below. These ideas are simple and won’t take up much of your time to prepare for or execute, but they’re sure to bring some smiles to the precious faces of your patients and add a special touch to their day.

  1. Wear Halloween Scrubs

This is the easiest idea of all but, as simple as it is, it’s one that kids ALWAYS love. It’s so much fun to see how kids react when they see their favorite nurse in a fun pair of Halloween scrubs (or any themed scrubs for that matter), instead of the more traditional looking ones. It’s amazing how such a little thing can bring such joy to their day!

  1. Organize a Halloween Parade

If you work in a hospital, hosting a Halloween parade in the lobby will definitely brighten the day for your patients and their families. Everyone will love having the chance to dress up and show off their costumes.

  1. Host a Halloween Party

Hosting a Halloween party for patients is another great idea for nurses who work in a pediatric hospital setting. Collaborate with management and other colleagues to put together a Halloween party in the children’s playroom or another space.

Some activities to think about including are pumpkin painting, and Halloween games like “Pin the Spider on the Web”, Halloween bingo and a witch’s hat ring toss. A holiday party is a fantastic way to encourage your patients to celebrate Halloween, put them in the holiday spirit and just enjoy being a kid.

  1. Goodie Bags

Put together goodie bags and hand them out to each patient you see on Halloween at the end of their appointment - or make a personal delivery to the rooms of patients if in a hospital. You’ll find plenty of fun items to fill the goodie bags up, such as Halloween-themed toys, stickers, crayons, activity books, picture books and more.

  1. Decorate

As long as you get the OK from management, decorate your wing or office with Halloween decorations. From monsters and ghosts, to witches and bats, there are so many ways to decorate for Halloween that kids will appreciate. Festive garland and window stickers are easy decorations to put up that also make a great impact.

  1. Not-So-Spooky Storytime

Organize a Halloween storytime where someone on staff reads a few favorite children’s Halloween books. Perhaps the reader can even dress up to make it more exciting! Kids always love gathering in a circle and listening to good stories being read aloud - and Halloween is an especially popular time for themed storytimes, just keep the stories you read on the not-so-spooky side!

We hope you’re inspired to take one or more of the ideas above and implement them at work! You’ll love creating these little joyful experiences for your patients and will experience great joy yourself when you see their delight.