Grumpy Cat Scrubs

April 24, 2017

I wish I could be this cool when I’m grumpy! This feline superstar will take you to the best places all in your scrubs! I was so surprised when my co-worker told me she had never heard of Grumpy Cat the other day! If you haven’t heard of Grumpy Cat maybe you’ve been living under a rock, or you deactivated your Instagram and Facebook accounts…leaving you totally out of touch. Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme, but Grumpy Cat does seem to be everywhere! From internet Grumpy Cat memes, TV commercials and shows, even posing in pictures with her posh celebrity friends! We all know her as Grumpy Cat, but Tardar Sauce is her real name and despite her naturally “grumpy” facial expression her disposition is actually a pleasantly content one. Tardar Sauce is partial to her human parents and though she’s friendly to strangers the limelight does get tiring at times so she does take her time away from the paparazzi.

Lydia’s is super excited to partner with the Grumpy Cat brand with an exclusive offering of Grumpy Cat Scrub tops! Now you get to see her lovable frown on nursing scrubs at Lydia’s! I mean, come on, this is an awesome scrubs idea. Lydia’s is currently offering Grumpy Cat fans six print scrub tops that showcase Grumpy Cat in different themes but all with that same recognizable and lovable frown. The great thing is that the colors in these prints match well with Lydia’s Select scrub pants as well as other top industry scrub brands which makes coordinating these scrub tops with scrub pants easy and fun.

My personal favorite is Grumpy in NYC. I may be a little biased because I’m from New York City but I just love the skyline background and pop of red and blue on the stylish fedora and headphones. The other prints are groovy with a Coachella theme, portrait over the fireplace worthy, and take you directly to Paris with the je ne sais quoi you expect from Lydia’s partners. You’ll love the soft fabric and comfortable fit. At this Grumpy Cat Scrubs get extra bonus points because the prices are oh-so-awesome too!

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