Growing with a Company

June 10, 2015

Last Wednesday’s blog featured a story from Francisco, a Lydia’s Uniforms’ employee of eight years who left his job in the toy industry to come work with medical uniforms. For the next few weeks I would love to share more stories with you from employees who have been working with scrubs for years. Today’s story is from Melissa.

Read on.

Growing with a Company and Gaining a Family by Melissa Quesada
I am the Web Department Supervisor and I just celebrated my eight year anniversary with Lydia’s Uniforms in January.  I cannot believe how fast time goes by!  It seems like only a short time ago I was applying for a Customer Service Representative position at a company I had really never heard of.  It was my first year of college and I was not very familiar with the nursing community, but I was excited to see what Lydia’s was all about!

Starting out in our call center was the best starting point and it taught me so much!  The Call Center Manager taught me everything about giving great customer service and I continue to learn from her in so many ways. I am still fascinated when I learn more details about how a company is run!

Seeing a smaller family owned and operated company grow and succeed is inspiring.  Not only has Lydia’s been a great place to work and given me many opportunities to learn new skills; it has also felt like family.  I will always remember the day when I really saw the family aspect of the company come through. Six years ago, a close friend of my family lost her battle with lung cancer. Her passing really affected me and I was having a difficult time dealing with the loss. The president of the company heard what happened and came to see how I was doing.  She ended up talking to me for a couple of hours about struggling with loss, faith and her own personal experiences with grieving.  I don’t think she ever knew the magnitude of that chat we had, but I knew that any company that had president with a heart like that was a place I wanted to be a part of!

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