Grey’s is back! Well, almost.

June 10, 2015

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I’m impatiently waiting for April 24th to come; the day that Grey’s Anatomy finally returns to the air after what seemed like decades of no new episodes! Hopefully I’m not the only Grey’s geek who has been counting down the days since the last new episode aired in January. I can’t help it; there’s something irresistible about watching McDreamy saunter around in his lab coat and scrubs.


In the last episode that aired Meredith and Derek’s on again off again relationship was once again off and the episode has left us wondering (for the last 3 months!) whether or not the two will stay apart. Plus there’s the turmoil between Miranda and her husband, the possibility that Lexie and George might move in together and the fact that Erica admitted that she might actually be interested in Mark if they weren’t colleagues.


So what do you think is going to happen when April 24th finally comes around? Is there a possibility that Derek and Meredith will get back together, or that Miranda and her husband will separate?


And who do you think wears their hospital scrubs the best? I think Izzie is required to look amazing in them since she does have her own line (see our Katherine Heigl scrubs here), but I’m personally a fan of McDreamy myself.

(Also, have you seen our full line of Grey’s Anatomy scrubs by Barco? If not, check them out.)

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