Enter to Win a Lydia’s Gift Certificate

June 10, 2015

Speak your mind and win a spot as guest editor at Lydia’s Uniforms. If you win you get a $50 gift card to spend on new medical uniforms and your winning entry will be featured on our blog! Each month there will be a different topic, so feel free to enter every month to increase your chances of winning. We’re running the contest wherever you connect with Lydia’s, whether it’s our blog, MySpace or Facebook.

For this month’s contest we would like you to share a story about an act of compassion you’ve experienced in the field of health care. This could be an act of compassion committed by you, a co-worker or even a stranger. It could be one that you witnessed while on the job or off. Whatever the details are, we would love to hear about it, so leave a comment now. At the end of the month I’ll select one comment and the winner will receive a $50 gift card to Lydia’s Uniforms. Good luck to everyone who enters!

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