Designer Style to Scrub Style

June 19, 2015

For last month’s Designer Style to Scrub Style post I showcased three sets of medical uniforms and designer outfits that shared similar shapes and styling. This month my focus has shifted. I’ve found three stylish uniforms which borrow their enticing color palettes and patterns from high end designer tops. I’m personally trying to add more colors and patterns to my wardrobe. It would be great if I could do it by purchasing affordable women’s uniforms like you can!

Although each of these tops features a daring print, they all have a slightly different appeal, which is what makes these stylish uniforms so special.

The first pair consists of a scrub top by Los Angeles Rose and a designer top by Sweet Pea. The muted color palette combined with the shapes on each top creates a subtle style.

Designer Style: Sweet Pea Scrub Style: LA Rose

The second pair consists of a Landau Medical Scrubs Top and a designer top by Shoshanna. The vibrant bursts of color on these two tops create a more fun, outgoing look. And the two are just another example of how designer nursing scrubs are keeping up with high end styles.

Designer Style: Shoshanna Scrub Style: Landau

The last pair consists of a second top from Los Angeles Rose and a designer top from Cynthia Steffe. To me, these prints seem to combine trendy style and sophisticated style. I think it’s the baroque patterns that make them seem so sophisticated.

Designer Style: Cynthia Steffe Scrub Style: LA Rose

Have you noticed any other color palettes, prints or styles that are showing up in the new fall medical uniforms and also in your favorite clothing stores? If you do, e-mail me pictures or links to these styles and I’ll feature them in the next month’s Designer Style to Scrub Style post.

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