Buying Scrubs on a Budget

June 18, 2015

I’m all about finding good deals. Whether it’s clothing, dining or any other purchase I get excited to find something I love at an awesome price. If you’re like me, today’s post is for you; it’s all about finding the best deals on medical clothing uniforms here at Lydia’s. From scrubs coupons to contests there are all sorts of ways you can save a dollar or two. Here are my tips for buying scrubs on a budget at Lydia’s Uniforms:

Read the blog and enter our contests! What better way to save money on scrubs than by winning them?! Each month we hold a contest on the blog and the winner receives a $50 gift certificate to Lydia’s. You can enter every month so your odds of winning aren’t bad (Enter now!). And that’s not the only reason to read the blog; we also offer other chances to win uniforms with more contests and I try to keep you informed about the latest sales and deals.
Sign up for our e-mail list and you’ll save tons of money. Just for signing up you’ll receive a coupon for 20% off and after that we’ll frequently send you free shipping offers, scrubs coupons, info on our latest sales and more. The best part is you can choose what kind of e-mails you want to receive from Lydia’s so you’ll only receive messages that are valuable to you. If you only want e-mails that contain coupons that’s fine or if you just want to be informed about contests that’s not a problem either. Sign up for the e-mails that are important to you and you’ll be able to save a little cash when you buy medical uniforms.
Add Lydia’s as a friend on MySpace or Facebook or Twitter. Every Wednesday I post a deal of the week on these sites and they’re also another place when you can enter our monthly contest.
Visit our Bargain Outlet to find a variety of affordable nursing scrubs. This section of our site has over 150 products, so it’s hard not to find something that’s your style. The Bargain Outlet section is great because you can search by size (it’s got everything from XS scrubs to plus size medical uniforms), style, price or brand to find exactly what you’re looking for.
Use the advanced search feature at to search by price. If you’re budget is under 10, search for all items under $9.99 and see what’s available to you. It’s like searching for a deal on the sales rack, except we do the hard work for you!

Next time you’re shopping for scrubs on a budget follow these tips and see what happens. I hope that they help all of you find the uniforms you’re looking for at prices that you can afford. Leave a comment and let me know if you saved any money at Lydia’s and if you have your own budget shopping tips leave a comment and share them with all my readers.

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