Best Scrubs For Your Body Type

June 17, 2015

Do you know what your body type is? Have you ever been shopping and found the perfect outfit only to try it on and what you see in the mirror does not even compare to what you envisioned? It happens to me all the time! I hate feeling deceived by how an outfit looked on the hanger, don’t worry though, Lydias Uniforms wants to help provide guidance on learning about your body shape so you don’t have to deal with that feeling!

The world of fashion is constantly changing with new trends and knowing what to wear to flatter your shape can sometimes be overwhelming. I’ve put together a guide of the 4 commonly known body shapes that will help you choose the right medical scrub top and pant combination, while still creating that professional style that is all you. Women are blessed with their own unique features and we want you to love the scrubs you choose and be able to wear them with confidence!

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