Back to Basics

June 18, 2015

Today I’m going to step outside my blogging box and get back to basics. I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that stylish medical scrubs and unique medical clothing uniforms that follow the trends of today are one of my favorite things to post about. I just can’t get over the fashionable details that adorn many of the designer medical scrubs and whenever I discover something new or stylish I want to share it with you! But as I said, today I’m going to get back to the basics. No talk about the trendy medical scrubs. Instead I’m going to share with you my opinion on the best of the best when it comes to basic medical scrubs from Lydia’s.

Whether it’s your regular wardrobe or your medical clothing uniforms wardrobe, there are just some pieces that you have to have, and those are the basics. In my wardrobe at home my basics are simple: brown and black shoes that match everything, one good pair of jeans, plain tees and tanks that can be dressed up or down and the white button down shirt. They might just be basics, but those basics are the basis of a great wardrobe. So when it comes to medical clothing uniforms, what are the must haves?

Here’s what I think about the basics of scrubs: You need a pair of comfortable shoes, a solid v-neck scrub top, a comfy basic tee, a versatile jack and drawstring scrub pants in the style that looks best on you. Finally, after you have all those pieces, and if your dress code allows it, you can add the trendy and stylish
medical scrubs to your work wardrobe.

So after browsing through the scrubs and comparing prices, styles, sizes and colors these are my picks for the best of the best when it comes to the basics of medical scrubs.

Medcial clothing uniforms tops, clockwise from top left corner: Annie Combo Top by Koi, two tops in one for $23.99, Everyday Unisex Scrub Top by Dickies for $9.99, Value Plus Reversible Unisex Scrub Top by Lydia’s for $8.99, Soft Brushed Four Pocket Top by Lydia’s for $13.99, Roxy Jacket by Koi for $24.99, Short Sleeve Spandex Knit Tee by Dickies for $9.99.

Medical clothing uniforms pants, left to right: Drawstring Bootcut Pant by Urbane for $18.99, Back Elastic Cargo Pant by Dickies for $14.99 and Unisex Four Pocket Pant by Lydia’s for $11.99.

Shoes, top to bottom: Women’s Primo Breeze Pro for $49.99, Men’s Topo Moc Pro for $49.99 both by Merrell.

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